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Learning and Development Trends in 2022

What are the latest trends in learning and development? What can you expect from the future of L&D?

It’s important to realise that there are a lot of things that are happening in education right now, and they are changing fast. We are experiencing an explosion of new technologies, and that has the potential to change how we learn.

You might be surprised to find out that in 2022, there are going to be some pretty big changes in the way we learn. Here are the learning and development trends we can expect in 2022.

Informal and Asynchronous Training

The traditional model of customer education relies heavily on time and schedule. Think in-person seminars and live events. Onboarding teams plan lengthy education sessions, typically at the customer’s office, to give large groups of new users as much information as possible in a given timeframe. However, the model is inherently flawed, and it’s not always feasible to coordinate a massive amount of staff to travel to a client’s office. It’s also increasingly out-of-touch with modern workplace conventions like flexible scheduling, remote employees, and web-based communication.

Thankfully, the old model is on its way out. Companies provide select live training sessions while focusing more than ever on providing customers with easily accessible, on-demand online education sessions to round out onboarding and ongoing client development programs. In addition, forward-thinking businesses are giving customers the dedicated logins and anytime access they need to consume training content at their own pace.


The proliferation of media-driven training material has complicated information retrieval substantially since we now need to search through a 20-minute video for the 90 seconds of detail we need.

Businesses adapt to this concern by creating bite-sized resources and need-based online courses, aka microlearning. Breaking up long-form content into courses, lessons, and activities makes it easier for customers to address their needs and aligns with the attention span of the modern learner.

Personalised Learning Experiences

Personalised and adaptive learning is getting a lot of attention as people are seeking ways to meet their individual needs.

To do this, businesses will rely on the power of learning management systems (LMS) and other personalised-centric LMS features to create unique content that addresses the immediate needs of their customers, employees or partners.

Mobile Learning

The proliferation of mobile technology is causing significant shifts in how we live, work, and more importantly, learn. To that end, changing workforce dynamics are making traditional online learning programs obsolete while opening the door to mobile learning (i.e., a type of online learning enabled by, and intended for, mobile devices ).

As mobile usage are poised for further increases in 2022 — driven largely by the recent rise of remote working and the gig economy — a need for mobile learning experiences will intensify as learning programs will have to meet people whenever and wherever they are.


The L&D landscape is adapting to meet the needs of the modern world. The constant evolution can be difficult to keep up with, but innovative learning teams will look at this as an opportunity to differentiate themselves to provide best-in-class experiences.

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Discover and learn from a wide selection of courses, gain job-ready skillsets for the work of the future.
Discover and learn from a wide selection of courses, gain job-ready skillsets for the work of the future.

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