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Safe Management Measures @ My Learning Lab



(UPDATED: 16 May 2021)

My Learning Lab (MLL) shall strictly abide by the key requirements of safe management measures published by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower. Any of our clients/training providers/learners who refuse to comply with safe management measures shall not be allowed to use MLL. Also, under no circumstances do we allow for refunds for payments made using the training rooms at MLL.

1.          Appointed Safe Management Officer (SMO) to assist in the implementation of Safe Management Measures

The SMO for MLL is Mr Anfernee Tan. He can be contacted at

  • Telephone no. +65 6904 0902 or
  • Email:

2.          Employees who can work from home must continue to do so.

MLL comprises six employees, one or two operational staff will be stationed at MLL for essential learner support activities.

3.          Reduce physical interaction and ensure safe distancing.

  • The safe distancing of at least one meter between individuals when attending training/seminar at the training/seminar room. If this is not possible, there must be a one- meter distance between groups of no more than two persons in a cluster seating, except for instances where learners/participants are required to move around in the training room, i.e. exchange mock-up props
  • There should be no congregation (i.e. large crowds of learners/learners/participants in the training
  • There shall be no socialising with fellow learners/participants within and outside the training
  • During training, learners /participants shall put on their mask at all times except when they want to sip water. After which, learners/participants shall put on their mask
  • During tea break or lunchtime, learners/participants can only consume their meal at their training desk. It has to be consumed quickly for a tea break and lunch and put on their mask immediately. In short, they should be mask-less for the shortest time possible. Most importantly, they should not be gathered together to mingle regardless of classroom or outside the classroom. Also, it does not matter whether the training providers provide the packet meal or the learners/participants own packet
  • For training providers who conduct half-day and/or partial day workshop regardless of morning slot (8.00 am to 12.30 pm) or afternoon slot (1.00 pm to 5.30 pm) or evening slot (6.00 pm to 10.00 pm), there shall be no meals taken in Learners/ participants are strongly encouraged to consume their meal first before attending training or after training under such circumstances.

4.          Support contract tracing

All clients/training providers who use MLL shall record their learners/participants who attend the training course/workshop/seminar. Clients/Training Providers are to bring along their own QR Entry/Exit Code. If Clients/Training Providers do not provide their own QR Entry/Exit Code, you may use the MLL QR Entry/Exit Code. As of 17 May 2021, all persons entering MLL would need to check in using the prevailing TT check-in methods.

5.          Wear Masks and observe good personal hygiene.

  • Learners/Participants shall wear masks at all times throughout the training Trainers shall also need to wear a mask, i.e. face shield shall not be allowed. When teaching, trainers must remain in a fixed position and maintain a safe distance of at least one meter away from any other persons.
  • Have the habit of washing hands with soap and The toilet is just beside the training room. Use hand sanitiser only when the toilet ran out of soap.

6.          Keep MLL clean

  • MLL endeavour to disinfect all training rooms when practicable to do so, i.e. regular intervals when the training room is not
  • Daily cleaning of all training rooms before use in accordance with ANNEX B of WAB Lab Safe Management Measures SOP – EXISTING CLEANING SERVICING AGREEMENT WITH CLEANING VENDOR

7.          Implement health checks and protocols to manage potential COVID-19 cases.

  1. Temperature screening shall be taken before the commencement of training and second screening at four or five hours interval after learners/participants return from lunch. The responsibility of temperature screening lies with the Clients/Training
  2. Under no circumstances shall learner/participant be allowed to enter the MLL should they be having a fever, e. above 37.5 degrees centigrade. Learner/Participant shall immediately visit the nearest medical clinic to be examined.

8.          Rules and regulations in using MLL are as follows:

  • Clients/Training Providers must strictly comply with national COVID-19 measures and all additional measures by the relevant authorities, i.e. Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower, etc. Failure to comply may be taken as a violation of the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order)
  • Clients/Training Providers who blatantly disregard the safe management measures at MLL shall be debarred from entering the training room for the day. Payment made for the rental of the training room shall not be refunded under such
  • Temperature screening lies with the responsibility of the Clients/Training Also, Clients/Training Providers are to provide hand sanitiser should they wish to do so.
  • MLL is a training room provider, and it is to be used for conducting training/seminar for learners/learners/learners/participants. We do not lease out our training rooms for social activities or

9.          SkillsFuture and/or SSG Funded Training

For training providers who conduct skills future training, please ensure that you comply with [SSG CIRCULAR/PPD/2021/6]: Advisory on the additional guidelines under Phase Two (Heightened Alert) from 16 May 2021 to 13 June 2021. (ANNEX F of WAB Lab Safe Management Measures SOP)