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Championing Performance and Transformation


Co-create Your Solution

We help companies to build their businesses by identifying granular growth opportunities and to improve their performance through innovation in products, services, processes, and business models.


Innovate and Take Action

We define innovation as creativity plus delivery, helping our clients transform their innovation performance by focusing on the requirements for innovating at scale.


Transform Your Business

We support clients as they develop a clear innovation strategy that meets their business-growth targets and strategic objectives.

We Help Our Clients

We integrate training with business solutioning to support business innovation, performance and transformation

  • Define your ambitions and set your innovation strategy

  • Accelerate innovation projects and initiatives

  • Build your action plan and see through your implementation

  • Activate innovation capabilities throughout your organisation

STEP Up for SMEs

Our comprehensive training-consulting solution to give your organisation the unfair advantage!


Contextualised Training

Situation analysis of our client ‘as-it-is’ position and identify the training and non-training intervention. Contextualise the intervention programme to offer a customised learning and outcome generating experience.


Innovate and Take Action

Understand the gaps, innovate and co-create an action plan that can immediately be implemented. Developed for the clients, by the clients.


Evaluate and Transform

Evaluate on the business outcome after implementation. Identify granular growth opportunities and improve performance through innovation in products, services, processes and business models.


Supercharge your organisation now.

Save time, save money, enhance your workforce. Do it your way.


What We Do For Our Clients

A suite of comprehensive ecosystem to transform our clients


Our Solutions

  • STEP Up for SMEs

  • STEP Up (Lite) for microSMEs

  • Invest in Upskilling

  • LEARN@WAB [Coming Soon]


Our Community

  • WAB Lab Corporate Sales Professionals (CSP)

  • WAB Lab CSP Business Units (BU)

  • WAB Memberships (VIP Access) [Coming Soon]


My Learning Lab

  • Smart Classrooms

  • Conducive business meeting location

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are excited that how our clients value our solutions!


Excellent solution & support throughout our transformation!!!

WAB Lab has been amazing in helping my organisation innovate and implement a working solution!


Junaid Hasy

Manager in the Social Services Industry

Excellent training intervention with awesome facilitators and consultants

The trainers and consultants were all very experienced and understands our pain in this new norm era. Together we co-created an action plan that I can finally say ‘YES’ to. Will work on making it work out.


John Ang

Manager in the Finance Industry

Great training and consultancy!

The solutions were truly developed for us, by us. I know this will work! Thank you WAB Lab!


Alissa Will

Director in the Retail Industry

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