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About Us


WAB Lab was incorporated in 2017 to provide highly contextualised learning and performance ecosystems for businesses and professionals worldwide to enable people performance and transformation. We identify the needs of our clients (individuals, group or enterprise level) and customise different training needs and non-training supports to propose unique, highly contextualised and holistic solutions.

While doing so, we also built a community of high-performance salesforce to provide customised sales for corporate customers. Where we innovate to co-create sales solutions with our partners, clients and business units for sustainable business growth.

Our WAB Business Units aim to establish a global sales force to bridge the possibility of helping local businesses to globalise sales outreach.

To further empower our corporate customers, we introduced its flagship training-consultancy solution – STEP Up. Where the concept of training intervention and/or post-training solution undergoes a overhaul to provide customised help to SMEs in Singapore and Asia. Find out more about STEP Up.


Our Commitment

Vision & Mission

To enable people performance and transformation, and ultimately empower everyone to live purposeful and meaningful lives.


Results – Focus on outcome

Integrity – Always do the right thing

Community – To go far, go together

Attitude – Nothing is impossible

Passion – Believe in making a difference


Our Business and Industry Partners

Our business and industry partners play a pivotal role in propelling and contributing to our client’s performance and transformation plans through upskilling of the workforce, innovative implementation, raising operational efficiency and building overseas business networks.


Our International Offices

Through our offices in Malaysia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Philippines, WAB Lab deepens partnerships and facilitates innovation and international growth.


How We Help Our Clients

Innovation is critical to growth, particularly as the speed of business cycles continues to increase. Most companies understand the importance of innovation but fall short when it comes to execution.

We help companies to build their businesses by identifying granular growth opportunities and to improve their performance through innovation in products, services, processes, and business models.

We define innovation as creativity plus delivery, helping our clients transform their innovation performance by focusing on the requirements for innovating at scale.

We support clients as they develop a clear innovation strategy that meets their business-growth targets and strategic objectives. We do this by helping clients understand the gap between actual and aspirational performance that innovation needs to fill, then set financial targets related to innovation, the metrics required to measure performance, and the strategic areas on which to focus investments.

We have a variety of exclusive approaches for helping clients get higher returns from their investments in research through better execution. Using proprietary benchmarks along with in-depth diagnostic tools and capability-building methodologies, we support clients in improving and sustaining the productivity of their R&D functions. We also help clients build the types of repeatable, error-free, scalable processes that are necessary for both incremental and breakthrough innovation.