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We are looking for a charismatic and skilled sales consultant to approach potential clients and inform them of our products and services. The sales consultant is also responsible for building good relationships with new and existing clients to try and ensure their business in the future.

To be successful as a sales consultant you must have excellent interpersonal skills and experience in sales. A good sales consultant combines charisma with sales knowledge to create a compelling sales pitch.

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WAB Sales Consultant is in charge of maximising sales of the company. He/she sets realistic expectations and pushes through on these expectations with determination and drive to make company revenues grow exponentially. WAB Sales Consultants are responsible for the operations of their own sales, development and implementation of annual sales, monitoring performance of teams and sales goals.

A successful Sales Consultant involves having all these skills: Organization, entrepreneurial, interpersonal, management and negotiating skills. The job also involves extensive travel to meet with existing and potential clients, attend industry events, join trade shows and engage in speaking activities.


  • Researching and identifying sales opportunity, generating leads, target identification and classification
  • Reaching out to new customers and making presentations or pitches outlining the benefits of product/ services.
  • Understanding the client requirements and then customising the product/ services as per their needs
  • Maintaining relationship with all potential and existing clients
  • Ensuring proper servicing and after sales support to clients
  • Data reporting to management and gathering market intelligence
  • Recruit promising sales individual and grooming them
  • Manage a business unit and grow your own business

Competencies and Skills Required:

  • Communication skills are the key to corporate sales. Good command over English language, ability to speak fluently and write correct English are the basic requirements for this profile.
  • Apart from communication skills, good interpersonal skills coupled with thorough understanding of product, market and customer, are must have skills for a CSP. Broadly speaking, we look for the following competencies when hiring a person responsible to do corporate sales:
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Ability to understand client’s needs and present solutions
    • Understanding of market and product

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