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Our Journey with IAL’s Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP)

At a Glance

With upskilling and reskilling mandatory in the new normal, organisations now find it essential to provide learning opportunities to its employees so that they are able to adapt to the ever-changing business landscape.

To effectively ensure that its talents are given the opportunity to hone their skillsets, and welcome a new pool of talents through its doors, WAB Lab embarked on a workplace transformation journey with the aim of redesigning its sales force recruitment, development and retention.

Just how successful were the workplace learning interventions implemented at WAB Lab? Read on to find out!


Together with IAL’s Centre for Workplace Learning and Performance (CWLP), IAL’s Certified Workplace Learning Specialist (CWLS), and support from the management, the project team at WAB Lab was able to incorporate the various workplace learning interventions to achieve the following:

  • Development of 3 new JDs and competency mappings for Sales Associates, Manager, and Director.
  • Alignment of career roadmap with the Skills Framework for the recruitment and development of Corporate Sales Professionals (CSPs).
  • Completion of a new sales coaching framework and toolkit to support the sales coaching process for the Sales Department.
  • Successfully upskilled in-house sales coach to effectively evaluate and assess the performance of coachees.
  • Utilisation of workplace learning practices increased by 20% within the Sales Unit.
  • 100% Adoption rate in utilisation of the structured sales coaching model company-wide.


Retaining good talent in the midst of a pandemic proved to be a challenge for WAB Lab, as the organisation had to provide competitive benefits and compensation in order to attract suitable talents despite the rough situation.

In addition, engaging, motivating, and developing its sales team to their fullest potential through inhouse sales coaching for effective sales performance was another struggle – given that the coaches did not receive formal education in the field. This resulted in inconsistent sales performance outcomes.


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